About Equipment Financing

Whether you’re looking to purchase equipment for commercial or home use, a monthly payment finance program is often the best way to preserve your capital. That’s why we’ve partnered with TimePayment to offer a variety of affordable leasing options.

Fast & Easy

Apply in Minutes. Instant Credit Decisions.

Apply Online. Instant Credit Decisions.

TimePayment Emails Lease Documents.

Submit Signed Documents via Email or Fax.

We'll Call to Verify You Got Your Equipment.

Make Payments & Manage Account Online.

Advantages of Leasing Your Equipment Purchase:

Fast Credit Decisions

Apply online anytime. Receive a credit decision for the maximum amount you can finance in seconds. Start-ups and challenged credits supported.

Affordable, Fixed Monthly Payments

Know your monthly payment and term in advance so you can handle your monthly cash flow more easily.

Protect Against Obsolete Technology

Plan for a technology upgrade with the right lease or rental term. Never get stuck with obsolete equipment again.

Minimal Upfront Cost

Our standard lease program only requires one advance payment and the documentation fee prior to the start of the lease.

Tax Advantages

Lease payments may be fully tax-deductible as an operational expense.

Preserve Existing Bank & Credit Card Lines

Leasing with TimePayment lets you acquire the equipment you need affordably, while preserving your other sources of credit.

TimePayment Lease Programs:


Lease-to-Own is a financial services solution that provides for ownership of the equipment following the receipt of all scheduled payments.

Fair Market Value

TimePayment's Fair Market Value (FMV) equipment lease solution provides for the lowest payments possible, while delivering access to critical equipment for a defined period of time.

Other programs may be available. Call for details.


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